Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is seen as the classic massage, and is the most popular and best-known massage option. This treatment is effective in that it relaxes the whole body, and our therapists will make sure that they speak to you first about any aches and pains you may have so that they can effectively target these areas and try and iron out any knots you may have. It is also best to tell your therapist beforehand if you prefer lighter or harder pressure, as they can then tailor the massage to suit you and make sure you get the most out of it. Having a Swedish massage will help you to completely relax and unwind, as well as relieving any knots and ensuring that you leave feeling refreshed. Speak to our team today to find out more.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you suffer from aches and pains? A deep tissue massage could be the treatment for you! We will firstly discuss your body and any ailments or problems you may have, and whether there is a specific area you would like us to focus on. Our therapists will help to reduce any strains built up in your muscles and realign your deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue, thereby reaching the deepest layers of muscles so you feel the maximum level of relief. This treatment is typically more intense, and so it is normal to feel soreness and discomfort a few days after your massage, but this will shortly turn to relaxation and pain relief. Are you interested? Ring our team today and find out more.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a very popular type of massage, as it aims to loosen your muscles and soothe any aches or pains. You will remain fully clothed while your massage therapist applies pressure along any points that may be causing discomfort, with the option of your therapist walking on you if you want to. Your joints will be cracked and stretched and this will help to aid muscle pains as well as helping you to relax. Thai massages have also been shown to increase circulation and improve your mood and sense of well being, thereby meaning you leave feeling like a whole new person! Want to get more information? Call us today.

Stress Reduction

Stress may be an unavoidable part of living life, but it doesn’t have to define how well you live. That is the philosophy behind the holistic stress reduction program that we employ at our facility. This easy to follow program uses the guidance of one of our holistic practitioners and counselors to train you on how to manage your stress in a way that doesn’t just reduce how stressed out you get every day but also places you well on the path to mental and emotional wellness. The way the program works is that when you call and schedule an appointment, you’ll be paired up with a trained and certified holistic practitioner who will work with you to determine what is causing you the most stress in your life and will provide clear guidance and recommendations on changes that you can make to your routine to help you cope and overcome whatever these stressors send your way. Don’t let stress control your life, give us a call and schedule your first stress reduction session today.

Pain Management

Pain is an unfortunate reality when you are suffering many common health ailments or difficulties and for many patients, pain causes such a problem that life becomes difficult and even the simplest tasks become unbearably difficult. That is why the holistic practitioners at our facility are proud to offer pain management training, treatments, and remedies so that you can learn to cope with the pain, overcome the pain, and get back to living a full happy life. We use only the most accepted holistic techniques around to ensure that your healthcare is total, complete and will provide long-lasting benefits that will reduce the risks of pain affecting your life during and after treatment. With our help, you’ll no longer have to settle for dealing with pain. Give us a call today and ask about how holistic pain management can help you.

Russian Massage

If you are an athlete or work in a physically demanding career, then you are likely no stranger to pain. Because when you work hard, your muscles and muscle tissue may ache and throb leaving you with sores that are hard to deal with. But when you visit our center, you can find pain relief thanks to our Russian Massage services. This powerful technique will use soft kneading motions and generated heat to remove the pain from your muscles so that you can feel great and work hard once again. Call today for your next massage session.

Sport Massage

Every athlete knows that training and playing hard means frequent stress and pains that are hard to manage. But thanks to the sports massage therapists at our center, these pains do not have to mean slowing down. When you request a session with us, you’ll be paired up with a massage therapist who will find the frequently used muscles and joints in your body and will ease the stress, strain, and pain while also providing you with the benefits of massage, such as faster healing and lower recovery times. Call today and our sports massage center can become an important part of your training regimen.

Chair Massage

When you are feeling the tension from your work or living situation, then you may feel tight, stressed, and uncomfortable. But before that tension can settle and give you constant aches and pains, why not let us come to you for a chair massage at your place of work. Within minutes, you’ll feel like a whole new you, as the tension melts away from this short massage session. Benefits of chair massage for employees include lowering anxiety, increasing circulation, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle pains and aches, stress reduction, improve sleep quality, and generating more flexibility. Make an appointment today!

Traveling Masseuse

When you feel tense, sore and stressed, you may not be in the mood to drive down to your nearest massage parlor for help. That’s why our team is prepared to offer masseuse services on the go. When you call and tell us what you need, our team can pack up, go to you, and give you a top-level massage that will melt the tension and stress from your body leaving you feeling limber, warm, and happy. Don’t let distance keep you away from a great massage, give us a call for a traveling masseuse visit, today.

corporate chair massages for your office or event

You have deadlines to meet, projects behind schedule, and a team of stressed, unhappy and unproductive colleagues. Your workers are rubbing their necks from hunching over projects and complaining of headaches and strained eyes from logging those late night hours. Now imagine what will happen to morale the moment you tell everyone the good news. You’ve scheduled a certified massage therapist to spend 30 minutes easing their sore muscles and soothing away those stress headaches. What do you think that can do for productivity? Chair Massage will breathe new life into your daily routine and make any event unique and memorable. call Today 808 284 8105

Benefits of Chair Massage for Employees

Lowers anxiety. 

Increases circulation. 

Boosts immune system. 

Lowers blood pressure. 

Relieves muscle pains and headaches. 

Decreases stress. 

Improves sleep quality. 

Generates more flexibility.